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Agency Directors work together to review Dominion Diamond Ekati Corporation's environmental reports and management plans for the EKATI Diamond Mine.  The Agency also listens to concerns from Aboriginal communities and the general public.  We make recommendations to the company and various government regulators about how best to protect the environment around the mine.

To fulfill our mandate under the Environmental Agreement, the Agency:


  • Reviews and comments on the design and results of Dominion Diamon Ekati Corporation's monitoring programs and management plans, commissions independent expert peer reviews when necessary, and offers recommendations for future improvements.
  • Reviews and comments on the activities of regulatory agencies for the project, and ensures that permits and licences issued for Ekati are protective of the environment.
  • Acts as an intervenor in regulatory and legal processes, including identifying and evaluating potential environmental impacts and Ekati's contribution to cumulative effects.

  • Communicates regularly with government Society Members and regulatory agencies who deal with the Ekati project, and participates on the Inter-Agency Coordinating Team (IACT).
  • Monitors and encourages the integration of Traditional Knowledge of the affected Aboriginal Peoples into the mine's environmental plans and programs, and encourages interaction between Aboriginal organizations and the company.
  • Keeps Aboriginal Peoples and the public informed about Agency activities and findings, and brings their concerns to Dominion Diamond Ekati Corporation and government.
  • Corresponds regularly with Society Members and hosts an annual general meeting, open house, and environmental workshop (in years that Dominion Diamond Ekati Corporation  does not).
  • Visits Aboriginal Society Member communities and publishes a summary brochure for distribution.

  • Publishes Annual Reports in both technical and plain language versions and a summary brochure with recommendations that require the response of Dominion Diamond Ekati Corporation and/or government.
  • Maintains a resource library of materials on Ekati as well as various communications tools, including our website, newsletters and brochures.






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