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Click on the links to hear or read about Who We Are, What We Do and the Key Issues we deal with.  Agency posters, brochures and sound files are available in the îchǫ, Weledeh, Chipewyan, Inuinnaqtun, French and English languages (.MP3, Adobe PDF). 

Please contact us to request a copy of an Agency poster or brochure.



Tłîchǫ Poster

îchǫ Brochure

 Weledeh Poster

Weledeh Brochure

 Chipewyan Poster

Chipewyan Brochure

Inuinnaqtun Poster

Inuinnaqtun Brochure

English Poster

English Brochure

French Poster

French Brochure


To learn more about the Agency, please click on the links below.


Why the Agency Was Created



Who We Are



What We Do



How the Agency is Funded






Information at the Agency



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